Sarah Storey creates art a in unique way 

Dynamic, engaging, effervescent, responsive; just a few of the sterling qualities that Sarah Storey brings to partnerships and creative endeavors. The Children’s Museum of Tacoma was honored to work alongside Storey during the fall of 2017 to provide 9 immersive, artist in residence studio experiences, inclusive of all Museum visitors. Storey was an encouraging and knowledgeable scaffold to children and caregivers alike, unpacking the traditional still life process and inviting artists of all ages to engage with multiple media and processes. Responsive and respectful, Storey celebrated each artist’s contributions to the collaborative piece.
— Alyssa Tongue, Learning Experiences Director, Children’s Museum of Tacoma

There is nothing ordinary about creating something brand new, particularly when your co-creators exist comfortably in the realm of constant discovery.

Kids have an amazing capacity to take an open ended art opportunity and make the experience their own. Through rotating muses, color palettes, and materials, kids explore texture, composition, and a variety of developmentally appropriate techniques as we test limits and create contemporary art together.


I love the challenge of capturing a look, an emotion, or a moment in time. The past few years have brought an increasing number of crayons, gel pens, colored pencils, and markers to my work spaces. This past year, I've mixed the bright, bold materials generally relegated to youth with a sometimes sketch-like drawing of my muse, then finished the pieces by adding whimsical details to the background and a matching fully rendered border. I enjoy pulling undertones to the surface of my art, creating my high contrast pop portrait style whether I work in paint or in crayon.

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I hold an art degree from Seattle University with an emphasis on painting and mono-printing.  Much of my art career has been in commercial art, gaining competence in hand painted sign work, hand drawn typography/font work, and murals.  As a mother and artist, I've become passionate about creating art with children.  From their broad thinking and limitless creativity, to the boundless energy and excitement they bring to a project, I am inspired and transformed by collaborating with the kids in my life.

In Fall 2017 I coordinated a series of workshops as an Artist in Residence at the Children's Museum of Tacoma.  These open studio opportunities were created in partnership with the Tacoma Art Museum, and inspired by their exhibit “Two Centuries of American Still Life Painting: The Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs Collection.”  Referencing a wide span of art movements, including pointillism, cubism, and impressionism, museum visitors collaborated to create a triptych of pieces by taking actions such as printing with balloons, painting with branches, and rolling grapes across our canvases.  Visitors as young as 12 months up through 9 years old, as well as caregivers, participated to deconstruct classic still life subject matter in an approachable exploration of art fundamentals and techniques.  The resulting triptych, Abstracting Still Life, consists of Still Life with Fruit, Still Life with Plants, and Still Life with Objects.  These pieces are on permanent view at the Children's Museum of Tacoma as of January 2018.

I am currently exploring mixed media portraiture, with my daughter as my most frequent muse and collaborator, and putting together age appropriate art experience workshops for children.


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